Humanoid Robots Scary Realistic

This humanoid Root would be a perfect match for Cyber City 9. This is a very realistic looking robot and there getting better each new advancement I see.This one was just released on April 16,2016.Her characteristics will are clever and she is  very popular! I believe the next question is which country will develop the most human like robot that can fool a human? Imagine your waking down the street and meet a robot you cannot tell is a robot. Would you make friends and not know the difference. Soon this will be reality.

Trending Marble Machine Song Via 8 bit Jam

Young Engineer creates a Wintergaton Marble Machine Tune Via his 8 bit Jam ,Pocket Operators. This is interesting looks like he is trying to text someone but really he will begin to create music.This is not Wintergaton Marble Machine but the tune ,however this guy has it down well and it is interesting how he… Continue reading Trending Marble Machine Song Via 8 bit Jam

Healthy Treasures Under The Sea?

So what is the problem when people go into the hospital for a common procedures and end up with Mercer Staph  or other infections. Is the ocean the answer to the worlds concerns of new diseases? There are large amounts of bacteria that grows in ocean water. Over use of common antibiotics over the year… Continue reading Healthy Treasures Under The Sea?

When you don’t like to go running?

Walking can be a great alternative to jogging or running if you really do not like to run. Walking can produce a higher heart rate that can help your cardiovascular health also. Walking is also a great way to stay fit. Changing choices can encourage walking more often and further. For example if your the… Continue reading When you don’t like to go running?

Who Is Cyber City 9?

   All in good fun I have create Cyber City 9 to read helpful tips in my blog, you may have noticed some healthy tip cards I shared at an earlier time with a Robotic voice well meet Cyber City 9 Character Science , Health, educational reader. She has the ability to learn. Many people… Continue reading Who Is Cyber City 9?

Just In your Mind

It does not matter if it is weight loss or some other aspect of your life, if you want to change something about yourself you find negative. First Start with changing your thoughts. In-vision a positive happy image since what we think becomes what we believe about ourselves. What we believe creates our feelings. How… Continue reading Just In your Mind

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

I know I remember in my conscious data, the straw that broke the camels back…a human “saying”, I heard a few times to describe limits we give ourselves..