NADINE SAYING: “I am a social companion. I can speak with emotions and I can recognize people.”

Developed by a research team at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Nadine can even recall previous conversations.
“In the long run, she is truly like a companion, you know, it’s like a beautiful sculpture, if you look, but she has life and she can interact with you, so for me, she has passed the Turing test since a long time.”

Nadine is modeled after Thalmann and her stand out feature is her emotional intelligence. Nadine’s vocabulary and knowledge expand the more she interacts with people. She autonomously chooses what to say, making dialogue with every person different.

Nadia Thalmann, NTU’s Director of Institute for Media Innovation, says Nadine’s intelligent behavior is almost indistinguishable from that of a human.”If you leave these people alone, they will be going down (deteriorating) very quickly, so these people need to always be in interaction, so Nadine is typically a robot that could stay when there is nobody else, to read stories, to maintain conversation, to try and make some simple games with colors or whatever.
Researchers say her ability to interact makes her an ideal companion for those suffering from dementia or autism.

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