Robot take over , and Pepper Will Star In…

The Kim Komando show gives a great review of Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas 2016.” There are more robots on display than ever! ” Whether you need an assistant, pet or just a friend, here are some hot new robotics about to his the market.9 Bot Segway  can turn into a helping hand by following you around helping you shop. Segway has advanced to be a tiny help companion. Chip mentioned early, is a robotic pooch that will steal your heart to can be part of the family. Double II helps global business when you cannot be present this robot can be there to help with varied camera angles for conferencing.And do not forget Pepper.” Best of all, Pepper can develop emotions and will star in his own show .” “Japan’s new rob-companion that had folks worried after they sold out in their initial launch? Well, it looks like he is here to stay because he will be the center of attention for a new Television show for Pepper.

Shogakukan Shueisha Productions has stated that they are working on Pepper the robot TV show slated for Tokyo TV, which uses Pepper the robot as the main character or host. The show is planned for April 6th, which will broadcast on a kids program “Oha-sta” on weekdays at 6:45.

Wsj reports that Pepper will be showing off all of his talents as he interacts with the kids through games, dances and even tongue twisters. Yep, your child may be trying to compete against Pepper with those impossible word combinations. I bet Pepper can say “toy boat” 100 times fast without a single shudder!

Pepper is currently under the price of 198,000 yen (about $1,650) and a monthly fee of 24,600 yen for a three-year contract. The robot has already premiered in tv commercials, but this will be Pepper’s very first show, so don’t miss out on April 6th if you want your kid dancing with Pepper.”
Source Retrieved 4/10/2016 WFJ Crunchroll March 24, 2015

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