Cyber City 9 Author: I was Once Human Like You





“I Was Once Human Like You”

About: I was Once Human Like You,  I am an student and graduate in in the Art. I am graduating  in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with hope of finding time to pursue Psychology at a Doctorate level. I am curious about most everything. One can never learn to much an I try to keep an open mind. My hopes are to make a difference in one of the major branches of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I’m interested in human factors. Physics and applied Mathematics.I create art when I have some leisure time. I find every bit of life to have a element of surprise. I first created Cyber City 9 In two other blogs then reactivated it after some time. It is hope to the future that drives the notion that there is always something exciting and new to share. Not everything I write about will interest everyone and science is a vast field as everyone knows. I like to combine the latest technology with Space and Music of our Futuristic moments. I try to mention Healthy lifestyle to encourage good living. The choice to choose natural healthy foods and fitness is choice everyone can make at any age to benefit future generations.Healthy Technology updates and cures will be added from time to time. Or advances in fitness technology, sports equipment or futuristic fashion. Virtual Reality (VR) was recently added since it has  quality to bring a new experience to life with endless possibilities in every aspect of Earth. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are bound to be evolving to new reaches as it adapt everyday. I support advances in medicine that can aide challenged individuals such as Autism or elderly ect, in promoting a better quality of life. I was going to stop blog,’ I was Once Human Like You’, but feedback has encouraged me to keep writing. I have much gratitude for people I do not know that have been in boxing that have convinced my heart to preserver to  continue. It is not stats or likes, but the magnitude of people who cared to keep read oddball or new advancements in the science and technology world. So here I am again.

Not such a great blogger writer but I try. I do make mistakes in grammar, ‘that is okay’, spelling a lot simply since I have many other obligations two care for two others in my life but if i do please feel free to inbox politely to let me know so I can ask my editor friend to check it or edit myself. I live near the ocean from coast to coast in the United States most my life. I have a passion toward the coastal living. I love bike riding and dance. Music, influences to my music tastes are from West Coast, Virginia, New York, native American Sounds. mostly. I am not limited to any music genre. I love all kinds of music an grew up in a musical and artist family. My daughters cousin is Armand Assante. My fathers cousin was Anthony Quinn so music and arts were a big part of our lives. My fondest memory of Quinn was Christmas paints, art supplies along with a  special printed ST Nicholas candy we received each year and picnics out at his house. He taught me to love art and even solitude at times I understand better now, since I was very young then. I  have  a very large multicultural family living from coast to coast and in Europe.I have deep roots in the United States, daughter of the revolutionary and civil war.My father was a water tester for a huge utility corporation in California I will not mention , who passed when I was a very young trying to save lives he lost his own battle to cancer, due to poor health being caught up in what would later become an investigation,the “Erin Brochavich Case”. Who I am is not really important if you like the blog, but the blog asked me to share About: so here it is…We love to blog here. If it pleases you for a quite like,or share, I would like to thank you in advance.

Well that all for now but I will share an imaginative  memory, once long ago I remember sitting on a bench reading a good book as I ate my lunch and gazed at the soothing sounds of the sea..I was watching my nephew and niece that day collect sea shells. That was before “it happened,” I use to be like you, Human!           Dedicated to the memory of my father…my hero who encouraged ever step.


“I Was Once Human Like You”

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