Facebook went Chatbox and Zuckerman Glasses?

The chat is on FaceBook, I mean what will they think of next. No more having to download an app for everything you want to order just contact via Facebook and boom there you go!”You never need to dial 1800 Flowers again,” Mark Zuckerberg says ‘chatbots’ are the next big thing for the social media website and will enable users to communicate with businesses directly and not have to pick up the phone.”Sounds pretty fantastic it not only saves time but allows you to handle order or business fast thanks, Facebook Deveopers.Facebook’s CEO says response to his company’s VR efforts has been “really amazing.” He also sees a future in which Oculus tech is built into our eye wear.zuckerberg_784x0

Most of us cannot wait! There’s also been talks of deposing of user name and passwords.


By Ian Sherr Oculus newsApril 12, 201610:50 AM, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, California April 12, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

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