Fix A Vets Cycle Kevin’s Surprise

Keven Yeager, a Navy Veteran was training for the i/2 Iron-man when a freak bike accident left him with fractured bones and other injuries. He trains hard everyday a father, husband with amazing strength he struggles to recover. A very humble man if you ever met him.With a lot of hard work,he should have a full recover in time. To help give an incentive to Kevin to recover a” Go Fund me account “has been set up on the Go Fund me site. Our hope is that Kevin will regain full health and when he is re-cooperated his bike will be waiting fully repaired. The custom bike and gear cost just under 5000 and he worked extremely hard to get this bike and gear together.His dream of riding someday in the Tour De France someday as a competitive cyclist . Lets help make his dream come true the limit is set 1,200 for repairs.”Kevin’s Motto” has always been, “I want to be a better person today than I was yesterday. Well Kevin you certainly are a better person an the wishes, V__AB5Acertainly are for a speedy recovery!

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