When you don’t like to go running?

Walking can be a great alternative to jogging or running if you really do not like to run. Walking can produce a higher heart rate that can help your cardiovascular health also. Walking is also a great way to stay fit. Changing choices can encourage walking more often and further. For example if your the kind of person who drives around a parking lot trying to find that really close to the door parking spot then don’t. Your can try walking stairs rather than hopping on the elevator to get those extra boost of exercise that we all need.

I like to change to change my choices of were to walk. Sometimes a take weekend trips that encourage a lot of walking to explore new places. Or just changing the route I usually walk each day. You can head to the park one day and to the mall the next. Walking to stay in shape is free and does not require anything from you but a good pair of shoes. A twenty minute brisk  walk everyday can be a great alternative to running. Walking group can be great motivator also. Briskwalkingfor brisk walks. Start a community walking group in your neighborhood. There is a many ways to encourage yourself to a to a healthier happy  heart. Walking helps reduce stress, in our daily lives so picking up the pace to skip that parking space closest the retailers door or walking stairs every chance we get. Walking influences a mood over all and may help you sleep better. If your like I am, you grab your music to go also. Listening to your favorite tunes can make a brisk walk great. The benefits pile high!


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