Humanoid Robots Scary Realistic

This humanoid Root would be a perfect match for Cyber City 9. This is a very realistic looking robot and there getting better each new advancement I see.This one was just released on April 16,2016.Her characteristics will are clever and she is  very popular! I believe the next question is which country will develop the most human like robot that can fool a human? Imagine your waking down the street and meet a robot you cannot tell is a robot. Would you make friends and not know the difference. Soon this will be reality.

Who Is Cyber City 9?

   All in good fun I have create Cyber City 9 to read helpful tips in my blog, you may have noticed some healthy tip cards I shared at an earlier time with a Robotic voice well meet Cyber City 9 Character Science , Health, educational reader. She has the ability to learn. Many people… Continue reading Who Is Cyber City 9?

Just In your Mind

It does not matter if it is weight loss or some other aspect of your life, if you want to change something about yourself you find negative. First Start with changing your thoughts. In-vision a positive happy image since what we think becomes what we believe about ourselves. What we believe creates our feelings. How… Continue reading Just In your Mind

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

I know I remember in my conscious data, the straw that broke the camels back…a human “saying”, I heard a few times to describe limits we give ourselves..

Cyber City 9, Obliterate Fat Fast

Always consult a Physician first before starting a diet and exercise program.Set goals, than you can begin to obliterate fat fast,” I know”, I was once  human like you…do you want to obliterate fat fast?

How Much Weight Can You Lose? Human!

What expert say in my thought patterns about, how much weight can you lose ? Drink Water, Exercise and avoid… CyberCity9 I was once worried and curious to about my weight, I was once human like you…

Shhh 2016 Humans I want to help, Truth The Best Work at Home Jobs You Can Find

 Cyber City 9 I was once human like you…