When you don’t like to go running?

Walking can be a great alternative to jogging or running if you really do not like to run. Walking can produce a higher heart rate that can help your cardiovascular health also. Walking is also a great way to stay fit. Changing choices can encourage walking more often and further. For example if your the… Continue reading When you don’t like to go running?

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

I know I remember in my conscious data, the straw that broke the camels back…a human “saying”, I heard a few times to describe limits we give ourselves.. http://iwashumanonce.myitworks.com/

Cyber City 9, Obliterate Fat Fast

Always consult a Physician first before starting a diet and exercise program.Set goals, than you can begin to obliterate fat fast,” I know”, I was once  human like you…do you want to obliterate fat fast?   http://iwashumanonce.myitworks.com/

Interview with Digital Agency LA NYC SF London

http://iwashumanonce.myitworks.com/ Katherine A Vazquez Interviewed by B2B Ad Agency NYC LA SF https://digitalagencylasfnyclon.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/katherine-a-vazquez-interviewed-by-b2b-ad-agency-nyc-la-sf/ https://twitter.com/sharon_melamed on Twitter. B2B Ad Agency LA NYC SF London Features:Katherine A Vazquez of Our guest is at VazquezKatie@ on Twitter. What does your company do? It Works promotes Healthy Lifestyle Products Globally. Spa Body Wraps to slim down, Body Care ,Greens,… Continue reading Interview with Digital Agency LA NYC SF London