Humanoid Robots Scary Realistic

This humanoid Root would be a perfect match for Cyber City 9. This is a very realistic looking robot and there getting better each new advancement I see.This one was just released on April 16,2016.Her characteristics will are clever and she is  very popular! I believe the next question is which country will develop the most human like robot that can fool a human? Imagine your waking down the street and meet a robot you cannot tell is a robot. Would you make friends and not know the difference. Soon this will be reality.

Can Humanoid Robot R5: Valkyrie ‘Get Jiggy With It’ In NASA

Valkyrie is ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ at NASA. I think he needs some more rhythm…but he does have a graceful, something going on.NASA’s latest robotic addition had been created to “perform in extreme environments.” The space agency is investing in robotics for deep space exploration and Valkyrie will compete in their Space Robotics Challenge this… Continue reading Can Humanoid Robot R5: Valkyrie ‘Get Jiggy With It’ In NASA