What’s 360 These Days?

Amazing 360 view of the First Stage Landing on Droneship. Just an amazing video although it is short you feel like your there watching this excitement unwind. Just fa-nominal footage as it lands. Listen to the crackle and watch as it descends at sea, simply out of this world, or should I say ,into this world? Back in early April, Elon Musk’s Space X finally achieved its goal of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocketon a drone at sea. Shortly after, the space agency shared some impressive photos , of the landing, but now they’ve gone one step further and released an amazing 360-degree video of the event. The footage gives you a first-hand look at what it would be like to stand on the floating platform as the rocket touches down above you.This is the first time SpaceX has every released a 360-degree video, and hopefully it’s the first of many to come.

If you’re watching the video from a desktop browser, you can of course click and drag the point of view around to see different angles. But to experience it in a really special way, you need to use a VR headset.According to SpaceX has been trying for some time now to land one of its rockets after being launched into space, with prior failures and close attempts leading up to the April landing. That specific rocket had been used to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, and upon landing, SpaceX collected it to study its condition.It’s not clear yet if the booster will be used once again, and thus fulfill SpaceX’s mission of developing reusable rockets, but the agency has said that if it meets their requirements, they will re-launch it sometime in the near future.


Keurig of fresh tortillas Make Them Healthy


According to Dave Swanson, Bread-makers and pasta machines were once the hot new gadgets in the kitchen, but today they serve primarily as a reminder of ’80s white elephant parties. Of course, new specialty devices are popping up all the time to fill your cupboards. Here, we found a new one this week: How about an ethnic counter top oven to slide between your Vita-mix and Cuisinart?

If we sound cynical, we are. And yet we can’t wait to try fresh tortillas out of a flattery tortilla maker.

Feed a dough-filled pod into the Flatev and the simple, slightly retro-looking device flattens the dough, grills it, and slides a fresh, fully cooked tortilla into a tray on the bottom. It can pump them out at the rate of one tortilla per minute.

You might think the humble tortilla is too niche an item to warrant a dedicated device. If so, no one would blame you for moving on to the next article. But according to the Flatev team, in the U.S. tortillas are consumed more than any type of bread—it’s a $12 billion market with 10 percent annual growth. That’s a lot of masa.

And there’s no doubt fresh-made tortillas put store-bought tortillas to shame. The char is more pronounced, the warm dough is redolent of maize, and the imperfections lend authenticity.


Unlike most store-bought tortillas, Flatev’s dough is free of preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. The ingredients for corn tortillas are simply water, ground corn, and a dash of lime. Or, for tortillas de hernia, just flour, baking soda and salt.

But if tortillas are so easy to make, why do we need another machine hogging up precious counter space in our kitchen? Simple: Because tortillas (corn, in particular) require attention that makes fresh pasta look like child’s play.

Even starting from bagged masa, it’s a laborious task. And if you want to do it the really authentic way, corn kernels should be soaked in lime overnight, then ground on a stone metate. While tortilla-making is hardly a lost art—more colorful Mexican restaurants have a little old abuelita grinding away next to a grill—it’s not exactly a growth industry.


Like coffee from a Keurig, tortillas from a Flatev won’t be cheap. The machine itself is expected to retail for about $290, while the pods will cost 90 cents each. While fresh tortillas served steaming hot from the Flatev will undoubtedly beat store-bought in a face-off, $11 for a dozen is a pretty steep upcharge.

But Flatev’s potential stretches well beyond Taco Tuesday. After all, tortillas are just another form of flatbread. Whether it’s making Venezuelan arepas or Greek pita, Indian naan or Chinese loabing, the Flatev may have a place in cultures all around the world.

The company has already raised $5 million, and is set to launch a Kick starter campaign with a $100,000 goal. (Like many Kick starter campaigns these days, it’s more for PR than funding.) The first machines are expected for delivery by summer 2017, and some 12,000 per-orders have reportedly been logged.

 Green Tortillas?

Flatev’s creators are still working on the environmental footprint of the pods, a concern that has bedeviled Keurig coffee machines and other single-use devices. But the Flatev has one major advantage in this department: Unlike a K-cup, a used Flatev pod isn’t littered with coffee grounds, nor does it require a built-in filter—the main issues that consign K-cups to landfills.

Flatev’s website doesn’t detail what its pods will be made of, or how they can be disposed of, but says the company is “committed to finding the best solution by working with ecology experts and environmental scientists, so the pods do not contribute to any waste.”

IMUSA Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Buy now for $20.34

Meanwhile, before ponying up for a Flatev, you might try making fresh tortillas at home. Serious Eats explains the step-by-step process behind making masa from scratch, but there are easier ways to make authentic tacos.

Check to see if any of the Latin American grocers in your area sell fresh corn masa. If you can’t pin it down, look for masa harina—the ground maize flour used to make the dough. Love and Lemons offers a straightforward guide to tortilla-making at home. Pair their tips with the dough, a tortilla press, and a griddle or comal. taco fiestas just might become a regular tradition in your home.


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