Virtual Hollywood Experience

That Was Me: Immerse yourself in virtual… by ThatWasMe

          Virtual Reality (VR) ,will Enhance Hollywood movies to an all time a new level. Combined with Disney, this technology is going to blow up the sky with super stars

 Virtual reality (VR) may be in the sort of “cave man”  stages right now, but that’s okay. Where it will go, is going to take grip of our culture to plumage it to an entirely new level. It is exciting as the invention of fire was to the caveman, since there is no limits to where  Virtual Reality (VR)may go. Virtual Reality (VR) is sure to be a just the beginning of a frenzy evolutionary milestone in not only entertainment. The gaming industry has latched on but I perceive perhaps soon in medicine because it has properties that may help to aide in healing, I believe. As a hypothetical example, the sensory perception may aide in calming patients before procedures, Psychiatric and Psychology. And the Industrial Organizational Psychology will benefit since it has global qualities therefore, It will also aide in business global world. The is simply no limits to the possibilities, but first lets focus toward the Stars.Bring it on Hollywood!

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