Healthy Treasures Under The Sea?

So what is the problem when people go into the hospital for a common procedures and end up with Mercer Staph  or other infections. Is the ocean the answer to the worlds concerns of new diseases? There are large amounts of bacteria that grows in ocean water. Over use of common antibiotics over the year has led to more resistant infections. Researchers are looking are seeking new antibiotics to save human lives as more and more humans are losing there lives to drug resistant antibiotic infections. learn from these researchers just how important this race against time is. How important is this search ? Researcher believe the threat humanity is high. Were they look for the samples may surprise you. The samples are placed into a cryo frozen state to preserve them.

Watch as Clad in scuba gear, with an air tank attached to his back, a casual observer might mistake William Fenical for a particularly intrepid archaeologist. But rather than examining the artifacts hidden away at the bottom of the sea Bill is looking for antibiotics to save human lives. This is the treasure for the future of the world.

In this episode of Symptomatic, Motherboard meets Fenical and his team at Scripps Institution of Oceanography to learn about the future of antibiotics, and speak to specialists and researchers about just how important these discoveries are to ensuring a future of the human race against the ever growing threat of resistant disease.Selman Waksman first described the antibiotic in 1941 and later between 1945-1955 the first antibiotics called Penicillin were developed but almost sixty years odd years later humans are becoming more and more resistant at a staggering rate Haque, Rahman, Zulkifli, & Ismail,  (2016).


Retrieved 4/21/2016

Haque, M., Rahman, N. I. A., Zulkifli, Z., & Ismail, S. (2016). Antibiotic prescribing and resistance: knowledge level of medical students of clinical years of University Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, 12, 413–426.

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