Just In your Mind

It does not matter if it is weight loss or some other aspect of your life, if you want to change something about yourself you find negative. First Start with changing your thoughts. In-vision a positive happy image since what we think becomes what we believe about ourselves. What we believe creates our feelings. How we feel will begin to manifest itself into our everyday actions.

Example, you want to improve you study skills. Believe that you are good in study.Cut out pictures of yourself and paste them in a scrapbook. Make yourself in a library setting thinking hard or under a tree reading. Next be sure you use a happy photo of your self. Use imagery to create positive focused feeling on how you obtain good study habits.Then create steps that help you study better. Maybe it is a quite room or music? How you make time to study, or what makes you  strong in your studies, these actions will soon determine how you look at study time. Soon you will not only think positive about studies but you will be begin to portray yourself as the person with great study habits.

You can use this in other aspects of your life also.  You do not need to always create a scrapbook, a journal is fine also however, imagery of you doing what you imagine would be better for you and is a great motivator. Every time negative thought creeps in you can refer back to a scrapbook of the new you! There are also a bunch of phone apps out there to encourage positive change.

Finally make sure whatever you want to change is worthy of your positive energy. If your trying to change others through example, that is wonderful but realize this is about the “self”. The fact is we need to also remember we can be powerless to change others for whom are not ready or willing to take charge. Sometimes things we want to change are more wishes than a positive need or something that really does not require developing will power or motivating positive thoughts. A good idea may be to surround yourself with other positive minded individuals. You will attract more positive people in your life naturally as you change your thoughts.

CyberCity9,” I was once human like you, changes can be hard but you can do it!”



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