Trending Marble Machine Song Via 8 bit Jam

Young Engineer creates a Wintergaton Marble Machine Tune Via his 8 bit Jam ,Pocket Operators. This is interesting looks like he is trying to text someone but really he will begin to create music.This is not Wintergaton Marble Machine but the tune ,however this guy has it down well and it is interesting how he… Continue reading Trending Marble Machine Song Via 8 bit Jam

Just Feel Good! Hands Up & Dance!

High Energy for healthy lifestyle this track make you want to get up and move!All track songs listed below. Tracks: ►[0:00]◄ 1. Steve Twain – Dance With Me (Discotronic Remix) ►[3:22]◄ 2. Azora – Tell You A Secret (Minage Boyz Remix) ►[6:31]◄ 3. Cascada – Everytime We Touch (Rocco vs. Bass-T Remix) ►[10:14]◄ 4.… Continue reading Just Feel Good! Hands Up & Dance!

Technology Sounds Upbeat!

Here’s some techno heart pumping positive vibes! Enjoy the energetic workout sounds or just amazing upbeat sounds to lift your spirits! 1. Ludvig Jeyentihran – Lars La Ville – Party Town (Variation 2) – Club Beats – Dance Till You Trance 2. Warren James Chadwick – Chasing stars – Development & Innovation 3. Warren James… Continue reading Technology Sounds Upbeat!